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Date:2007-12-31 10:30
Subject:good riddance to 2007!

Hey, Friends!

Sorry you haven't heard anything from me for so long... 2007 was definitely not the best year. Of course, 2005 and 2006 weren't so great either. But things are going to get better in 2008, I'm just sure of it.

I'm up for parole in March, and I'm pretty confident that they're going to let me go. I've done my best to be a good girl and toe the line, even though the bitches in this place could drive a girl to do some pretty heinous things. Things were rough at first, and maybe I didn't behave myself as I should. That's why I haven't had computer privileges until now. But like I said, I've been trying to clean up my act, so I can get the Hell out of here and get back to my life!

I really don't blame ttttorrance, cliff_pant1 and m_m_m_missy for ratting me out... i did try to have them all killed, after all. But hey, those bitches screwed up my super-awesome cheer legacy at Rancho Carne and tried to make me out to be the bad guy. I mean, who'd blame a girl for reacting badly to that? I mean besides the justice system.

But now I've learned the error of my ways, and I'm ready to move on. I heard there may be some job openings at the California Athletic Cheer Association this summer, and if they can overlook a felony conviction, I think It'd be the perfect opportunity for me.

I hope all my friends here on LJ are doing well. Sorry again for the long absence, and--

What? No way, bitch. I've got the computer until 11. I don't care what Taffy and LaShawn said. They can suck it!

Like i was saying, I'm sorry for the long absence, and I hope I'll be able to--

Seriously, get the fuck out of my face, you skank. I'm almost done so just hold your panties for five more minutes.

Sorry again... I hope that I'll be able to post more in the months--

Don't make me cut you, bitch! Oh yeah? You want a piece of this? Well fine!

Um... OK, so once the guards get here I may have lost my computer privileges again. But hopefully this won't affect my chance at parole and I'll be out amongst you all soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Big Red

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Date:2005-02-06 19:43
Subject:What a fun day!
Mood: jubilant

My sweetie is so wonderful. This morning he surprised me with a ferry trip to go hiking out on some island. It was great. The weather was beautiful and he brought a delicious picnic lunch. We found a secluded little spot and ate our meal and then made love for hours, returning home sated, if somewhat sticky.

How did I get so lucky?

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Date:2005-02-06 14:02
Subject:I just love him SO MUCH!
Mood: horny

I know it looks kind of like school picture day, but isn't he HAWT?!?!?!?!?!

Damn! I am one lucky chica!

I can't wait to see him later...

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Date:2005-02-06 13:00
Subject:Where I Have Been...
Mood: ecstatic

Hey, everyone! I'm sure you've missed me the past couple weeks, and you've probably been wondering where the heck I've gone.

Well, the truth of the matter is that I have a ROCKIN' new boyfriend! YES, INDEED! He's totally cool, and SO good in bed (YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!)...I've barely been able to walk the past couple weeks, much less find time to type in my journal. MAN, is the sex GREAT!!! Best ever. He does things I'd never even imagined.

PLUS, he's romantic as hell...always calling to tell me he loves me, sending me flowers, taking me out to nice restaurants. I don't know where he gets all his money, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth...even when it's such a pretty and talented mouth. (Girls, his tongue must be felt to be believed!)

Anyway, I'm in heaven.

I love you, sexy!!

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Date:2005-01-23 21:39
Subject:Make me cackle!
Mood: amused

DAMN! I do love a good bitch fight.

Hah! :-)

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Date:2005-01-22 10:27
Subject:Stud of the Day
Mood: horny

Wow! It's been a long time since I posted my stud of the day. Here's one to make up for the absence:

'Nuff said, right?

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Date:2005-01-20 10:11
Mood: confused

So how come that bitch ttttorrance has a super-hunk boyfriend and I'm still single. It's not fair. What am I doing wrong?

Come on, girls...help me out!

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Date:2005-01-11 18:58
Subject:Stud of the day...
Mood: flirty

Here's today's Stud Of The Day... Isn't he hot? I love the frisbee gloves...

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Date:2005-01-03 14:41
Subject:Do you like my new user icon?
Mood: bitchy

Don't you hate it when your friends turn out to be traitors?

I do.

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Date:2005-01-01 17:27
Subject:2000 + 5
Mood: happy


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Date:2004-12-31 17:03
Mood: giddy


2004 was great, and I'll bet 2005 will be even better!

I am still big red.

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Date:2004-12-28 19:05
Subject:Stud Of The Day
Mood: curious

Today's Installment. Doesn't he just have the dreamiest eyes?


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Date:2004-12-27 20:06
Subject:Happy Housewarming to me!
Mood: cheerful

I changed my default color scheme!

do you like it???

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Date:2004-12-27 17:54
Subject:Hey Everyone, Listen Up!
Mood: annoyed

Hey everyone! I just made my first friends-only post. I'm really worried that people will not get to see it, so remember to add me to your friends list so you can get all the juicy details... [wicked evil grin]

I unveiled my new user icon there, too!

I'm so angry at my sister right now! [mad face]

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Date:2004-12-27 17:37
Subject:On my To-Do list:

Must create some new icon pictures for all my friends on LJ!

[big smile]

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Date:2004-12-27 17:34
Subject:here's ANOTHER one!!!...

Girlfriend, the old Internet is really serving them up today!

I should start posting my "stud of the day" [wink]

I think he's right on track about what _i'm_ thinking! [evil grin]

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Date:2004-12-27 17:31
Subject:what a hot man!
Mood: horny


Isn't this guy so hot???

I just had to share him with you! [wink]

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Date:2004-12-27 16:45
Subject:i'm still. big. red.
Mood: angry

OK ya'll. I've been alerted that someone in this place is trying to steal my thunder. That is NOT cool. That is NOT kosher.

There can be only one...

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