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On my To-Do list:

Must create some new icon pictures for all my friends on LJ!

[big smile]
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Does anyone know how I can go back and edit a previous post?

THANKS! [kiss]
look here

good luck!
Thanks so much! And such a fast response!

no problem, Big Red.

i always said you were the only one. i would never try to take your place....
AWWWW...You're so sweet! SMOOCH!

I know it wasn't you... It was that... What's his name? RedBetty?
not RedBetty, bigreddee
Oh yeah. That bitch.

Have you come up with a plan yet?

you're not supposed to talk about the plan here!

this is not good...
I am SOOOOO sorry!!!

Maybe he won't read it?
well, i guess all we can do is hope.

i can't believe you told them about the plan...
*hangs head in embarassment for you*
Geez. No need to be such a Bitch about it!
I could start telling embarassing stories about you!
oh yeah, what? what you got, red? the time in 3rd grade when i tried to pass off a green stain on my shirt as green clothing so as not to get spanked on st. patrick's day?

you've got nothing these fine folk don't know already. it's well known that i'm an open book...
Oh, I don't know. Is that story better or worse than the time when you were 10 and you put on your mom's old prom dress and danced around with your sister, waving a glittering wand while "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" tinkled out of the stereo?